Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

ES University Electronic City Campus is aesthetically designed, practically architected campus for student, faculty and administrational efficiency. PES University Electronic City Campus is the first technical institution in the heart of India’s Silicon Valley – Bangalore, Electronic City. PES University Electronic City Campus currently supports a community of over 2,000 students.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at PES University Electronic City Campus embodies the PES tradition of excellence as a leader in computer science and engineering education and research. CSE is in a period of exciting growth and opportunity. The department is dedicated to education, research and overall excellence. CSE graduates capture leading appointments in IT service industries, as well as fuel the Internet, wireless communications, and cross-disciplinary IT industries. The CSE program at PES University Electronic City Campus

started in 2005. Many of our students gain rich experience by working as, on campus Student Assistants or Off-campus interns at many multinational companies and research centers in the Silicon Valley. Innovative programs like Total Student Development Program (TSDP), Student Support and Development Program (SSDP), Gifted Student Development Program (GSDP) and Classroom Wide Quality Improvement Program (CWQIP) enhance the technical and overall academic experience. Periodically, Distinction Awards, Tuition Fee waivers, Student Assistantships and membership to leading professional bodies like ACM, recognize student academic achievements. A PES University Electronic City Campus – CSE graduate is suitably equipped to pursue career in the IT industry, research, or post-graduate studies in the country or abroad. Further through a unique program we promote entrepreneurship in budding engineers.

The CSE Department continues to recruit faculty members with rich experience in academia, industry and research, and support superior research facilities. A large, diverse faculty committed to teaching and research, teaches CSE classes. Faculty use state-of-art teaching aids to ensure better content delivery and facilitate greater student interaction. Faculty commitment to excellence in teaching has been recognized and honoured with numerous engineering and institution teaching awards. In addition to classes, students also have the opportunity to interact with faculty as course teaching assistants, tutors and readers, as research assistants and through faculty mentoring.

Computing Facilities and Specialist Laboratories

The department has well-equipped computer laboratories for course work teaching and student projects, including a number of specialist laboratories. In total there exists a network of close to 300 computers for teaching, research and administration. This consists of:
  • A wireless network for use by staff and students. Staff and students are provided with unlimited free access to the institutions leased line for coursework and research.
  • The department is committed to providing state-of-art equipment and regular upgrades of its facilities, and invests over Rs.1,00,000 new equipment annually.
  • The department is a strong supporter of the Open Source Community and a number of staff and students actively participate in promoting this Community.