Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) – CSE (AIML)

This program has a robust pedagogy and uses out of the box assignment and project ideas to help students master core concepts and skills, digital learning, excellent faculty interactions and mentorship, industry guest lectures, industry/research based one-year internships to gain practical knowledge and explore the real world, peer learning via PESU I/O (peer to peer collaborative platform), a one-year Capstone Project to enhance and shape their research skills.

Students will acquire hands-on experience of working with various AI and Machine Learning algorithms and tools on real data sets and real-world scenarios. Each course in this program is carefully designed to impact specific knowledge and skill set that is highly valued by the Industry. The program offers strong preparation in statistical modeling, data visualization, machine learning, microprocessors, analysis of massive data sets, and data acquisition. The program focuses on areas such as cloud computing, big data, deep learning and discusses various AI methods based in different fields like IoT, topics in explainable AI. Program also emphasizes on the need to address the risk of confidential data being maliciously collected, stored, and disseminated while making use of the mentioned technologies. Hence, there is special focus on Cybersecurity related courses. At various phases of the program, senior data scientists will be invited to share their experience of solving real life Machine Learning problems.